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Bishop Larry O. Jones, Diocesan

Midwestern District Council

12th Episcopal District, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.

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MDC Pastors

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District Elder

Ronnie Carter

Faith Holiness Church

District Elder Ronnie Carter known as the “Fire-Up Preacher” or the “Hurricane Preacher” was ordained, in July 1985. He is the founder and pastor of the Faith Holiness Apostolic Church in the city of East St. Louis, Illinois since 1990. The church theme: “Less of Me, More of You (Jesus)”, (John 3:30). Church Motto: Living to Please God (Hebrews 11:15). This man of God demonstrates such a love and excitement under the influence, power and the anointing of the living God. Many souls have been baptized and filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost, delivered, healed and set free under his leadership. The church continues to grow in the kingdom work. We have various ministries (Sunday School, youth ministry, ushers, building fund, women’s ministry, health ministry, beautification ministry, etc.) Operating that will benefit the body as well as our community. Pastor Carter was appointed and elevated to District Elder in the July Council 2012 by Bishop Larry O. Jones Diocesan of the 12th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. He is presently the director of MDC Ushers Department and Vice-Chairman of the 5th Jurisdiction Fellowship. Pastor Carter was also ordained in 1985 during the July Council by the late Bishop P.L. Scott. District Elder Ronnie Carter professionally works with and deals with troubled children and teens. He has an Associate Degree in Social Community Service Technology and also Criminal Justice. He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Aenon Bible College-Distant Learning Program.

Inez Clemons.jpg

Overseer/First Lady

Inez Clemons

Original House of Prayer to All Nations (OHOPTAN)

Overseer/First Lady, Minister Inez Clemons has also been on fire for the Lord.  This is nothing new for us, she has always been on fire for the Lord.  She is known as our "CHEERLEADER".  She does not care how quiet it gets, and she does not care whose church she visits, SHE WILL TAKE THE NAME OF JESUS AND SHOUT IT EVERYWHERE SHE GO with a scream that no one can do but her.  Sis. Clemons is a wonderful mother whom she loves her children very much and desire to see them saved.  An perfect example of what a mother should be and how a wife should be to her husband.   


She is a very hard-worker in the church as well as her daily job.  It was prophesied that everything she touches in her family life will be a bountiful blessing. During her private time at home, she is practicing on instruments such as the saxophone, keyboard and tries to pick up the violin., also studying her lesson for Sunday School.    Sis. Clemons is also one of the remaining members of the House of Prayer To All Nation since its beginning in 1956.    


Our first lady has a desire to see men, women, boys and girls saved.  She has a heart for God’s people and love working with children.  She has been a Sunday School Teacher since 1968 still teaching….. 


On Thanksgiving 2003, the Jesus miraculously healed our first lady of a sickness that placed her life in danger.  She is now health free, Praise be to God for His healing power!  Sis. Clemons is a very strong faith believing woman of God and will always stand for holiness. 


Lady Clemons loves to dress in her fancy suits and hats, while Pastor Clemons accompany her in his Stacey Adams shoes and wool suits. 


Lady Inez Clemons has been involved in Christian ministry all of her adult life and has served alongside her husband, Suffragan Bishop Lloyd H. Clemons, Sr.,throughout their entire marriage of nearly 53 years.  She and pastor are very much in love and is an excellent role models for her daughters LaJuana, LaVina, LaSherie, and LaHelena and her sons in how wives should be: Lloyd, Jr., Stanely and Stanton.  She loves all of her grandchildren and desire them to be in church as well.


She has taught her children how to have faith, prayer, forgiveness and love. Lady Clemons instilled God in her children’s lives before education.  Her children are very gifted and created and have always them to work excitedly in the Kingdom of God.  She has always told her children “You can do anything you put your mind to.”


With echoes of her husband’s preaching style, Lady Clemons boldly challenges women to serve as blessings to their husbands and families. The Original House of Prayer to All Nations family attributes Sis. Clemons wisdom and leadership to the emphasis she places on a close personal relationship with God.


"The pastor who is the head of his home will be more successful as a leader in the church, and of course this means that his wife is his helper in the ministry of the home as well as the church. The ministry is a partnership in all areas of life and not just in the home life".


Pastor Gregory Gardner has been married to Charice L. Gardner since June 26, 1988. They have two children: Shameka Gardner-Greer and Gregory Gardner, Jr. They also  have 2 grandchildren. Pastor Gardner was saved in 1981 under the leadership of  Bishop P.L. Scott at Lively Stone Church of God. He was licensed and ordained at his wife's former church (Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ). Professionally he has served as a CT Technician Assistant since 1984 at Mercy Hospital. Pastor Gardner is also the founder of Challenge to Change Church.

Pastor Gregory Gardner, Sr.

Challenge to Change Church

rev_Gordon-Grey Suit.jpg

District Elder 

James E. Gordon

South Town Apostolic Church

James Gordon was born on February 15, 1954 in Clarksdale, MS., where he lived until he was three. His family moved to Chicago, IL in 1958 and on to Mt. Vernon, IL in 1959. During this time James Attended Thomas Edison Grade School, Casey Junior High, and graduated for Mt. Vernon Township High School in 1972.

James furthered his education at Rend Lake Junior College and Southern Illinois University majoring in sociology. He served two years in the U. S. Army (1976-1977), receiving an honorable discharge and numerous others awards. This period was a blessing, because while serving in the military, James began his ministry. He was able to attend the International Bible College in Wiesbaden, Germany, which in included ministers from 30 countries. James was ordained as a minister in 1980.


Reverend James Gordon worked for Southern IL University from 1982 until 1986; the year he founded Southtown Apostolic Church and Youth Programs. Southtown has developed into a base for Mt. Vernon residents, providing support, assistance, and some direct services for 300 youth and their families each month.

Reverend Gordon was among 200 ministers in the nation invited to the White House’s first ever Faith-Based Conference in Washington, D. C., in 2001. Reverend Gordon has received appointments to various state-wide boards and commissions by Governors James Thompson, Jim Edger, George Ryan, and Rod Blagojevich’s transition team committee.


With the efforts of volunteers and community leaders, Southtown has been able to generate over 11 million dollars in programs and community improvements for the residents of the south-side neighborhoods of Mt. Vernon, IL and Jefferson County. Reverend James Gordon, through Southtown Apostolic Church, Youth and Daycare Programs continues to serve children and their families in Mt. Vernon with positive youth development programs. In March of 2004, after 10 years of prayer and planning, Southtown moved into its newly built million dollar family center. The new facility has allowed Southtown to expand its programs and services to include onsite District #80 Schools Pre-K classes, teleconferencing capacity, and business development courses.

Reverend Gordon along with his lovely wife, Shirley, of thirty-two years is the proud parents of four beautiful children: James Jr. (30 yrs), Chad (27 yrs), Steffen (25 yrs), and Tiffany (24 yrs).

A few of his volunteer activities: Mt. Vernon Minority Affairs Committee, 1989-1996, Governor’s African American Family Commission, 1994-present, Governor’s Advisory Council Illinois Dept. DCFS, 1994-1999, Illinois Commerce Commission Round Table, 1989-1996, Jefferson County Branch NAACP, President, 1996-2003, Southern Illinois Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, President, 1998-Present, Illinois Council of Ar4ea Projects, 1998-Present, City of Mt. Vernon Minority Affairs an Human Relations Commission, 1998-2005.

Lazeal Moore.png

Pastor Moore is a man after God's own heart who is greatly used by GOD in the ministry of healing and deliverance.  At an early age, he was baptized in the name of Jesus and received the Holy Ghost.  ​Known for his straightforward, high impact messages, his ministry has brought healing, encouragement, exhortation and comfort to multitudes.


Fresh Word, Fresh Power, Fresh Fire!

Pastor Lazeal Moore

Divine Holiness Temple


District Elder

Anthony D. Pettiford, Sr.

House of Prayer to All Nations

Pastor Anthony Pettiford was born in St. Louis, Missouri is the oldest of five children from the union of the late John Henry and Freddie Arnell Pettiford. The church has been part of his entire life, starting with being a Pastor Grandkid under his grandfather District Elder John H. Pettiford Sr., to a pastor kid under his father Suffragan Bishop John H. Pettiford Jr., to now the current pastor of HOPTAN.

He was baptized October 18, 1971 and filled with the Holy Ghost April 28, 1971 at House of Prayer to All Nations (HOPTAN) under the pastorship of first his grandfather and finally is father. He has spent his years occupying several positions such as janitor (family), band member (saxophone, piano, organ), music ministry (choir president), Sunday school teacher (young adult class), van driver, building administrator, IT technical advisor, deacon board (secretary), leadership board (member, president), executive board (member, chairman), church business administrator, pulpit minister, interim pastor, and responsible for several other non-titled positions and task. He has participated in every aspect of the natural, financial, and spiritual parts of HOPTAN operations … all under the guidance and/or training of the late Suffragan Bishop John H. Pettiford.

Pastor Anthony Pettiford faithfully attends and supports the Midwestern District Council (MDC) in St. Louis, Missouri where he spent a year as a financial audit advisor, 2 years as assistant treasurer, and currently holding the treasurer position. He has attended several conventions of the Pentecostal Assembly of the World (PAW). It was such a convention (2008) that Pastor met his love 1st Lady Tina Pettiford, which in turn resulted in them uniting and becoming one on October 10, 2010 (10.10.10) at Bethesda Temple by Bishop James A Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri.

By appointment of his father, he was appointed project manager and CIO of the ministry “House Of Prayer Christian Academy (HOPCA) Family & Community Center (FACC)”, were he has currently taken the helm as CEO. HOPCA is in its infancy with the target of becoming a 12-fold business ministry which will ultimately address multiple care services such as child care, senior care, family care, academy care, book care, IT care, facility care, community care, real-estate care, mentor care, outreach care, and studio care. It’s ultimate goal is to act as an incubator of family support, community services, business development, career enhancements, and job creation.

Pastor Anthony Pettiford ministry is in spiritual guidance, church operations, and ministry building. He is a licensed elder and has been ordained July 2010 council by the PAW, inc. … were he made a perfect score on the final MDC testing. On 3rd October 2010, he was appointed by the executive board the interim chair, church business administrator, and interim Pastor of the House of Prayer to All Nations. He was elected as permanent pastor 14thNovember 2010 and was installed on 9th April 2011 by Bishop Charles Ellis III, Presiding Bishop of the P.A.W.

Professionally, he is a 25+ year employee of Department of Defense at Scott AFB, IL currently a computer system engineer for the USAF. His formal education includes a BS degree in Electrical Engineering (with Computer Science emphasis); a M.S. degree in Mathematics (with Computer Science emphasis); a 2nd M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering (with Computer Systems emphasis), and a 3rd M.S. degree in Business Administration (with Technology Management emphasis) … striving for a CIO/CTO position, providing CXO knowledge. I have an exhaustive list of “professional military education” training that has been instrumental in leading to past / present / future certifications in many technical areas. Ultimately, to God be the glory for all the things that he has done in my life … as I strive to find HIS will in my life.


Pastor Angela Pittman-Essien was saved at the tender age of 12 at Lively Stone Church of God under the leadership of Bishop Phillip Lee Scott. She got married in July 1988 and is the mother of two sons. She became the pastor of Bethel Lively Stone Church of God in 2015.


Professionally she attended St. Louis Community College and St. Louis University and worked as an IT Professional and Manager at AT&T. She also worked at Mercantile/First Start Bank. Pastor Essien does not have a favorite scripture because all of God's Word is important and precious to her.

Pastor Angela


Bethel Lively Stone

Church of God

Pastor Allen E. Rudd, Sr.jpg

Pastor Allen E. Rudd, Sr. married his college sweetheart and the love of his life Lady Iris D. Rudd on August 30, 1980. And they were no more twain, but one flesh. They have four children, Travarr (Sophie), Allendria (Nick), AJ (Monica), and DaRius, and ten grandchildren, Quanicia, Quani, NJ, Autumn and Summer to name a few, 25 God children, and a host of spiritual children.


Elder Allen E. Rudd, Sr.  has served as the praise and worship leader, bass player, choir member, mentor, coach for the Lively Stone Apostolic Church (LSAC) Men's Basketball League, and Associate Pastor.

For twenty-two years he faithfully served under the tutelage of Suffragan Bishop Paul H. Evans, Sr. and First Lady Helen R. Evans. He was blessed as he grew in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord. 

In 2002, he was installed as the Pastor of Lively Stone Apostolic Church. In 2015, Pastor Rudd heeded the call of God to establish an outreach ministry, The House of Worship in Centralia, MO. Pastor and First Lady Rudd have given themselves, time and resources to the ministry for over 35 years.


Pastor Rudd has been highly anointed and appointed to serve the Lord and the people of God!!


Allen E. Rudd, Sr.

Lively Stone Apostolic Church


Pastor Byron E. Thompson

Lighthouse of Hope Church

Elder Byron E Thompson is the Founder and Pastor of The Lighthouse of Hope Church (LHOHC), in Belleville, Illinois. He is a first generation pastor who has a heart to teach God’s people with power and demonstration. His God ordained assignment is to minister to the whole man; spirit/mind, body and soul, with the chief aim, being to glorify God and holding both a Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Administration.

Early in Elder Thompson ministry, he served at the House of Prayer To All Nations Church, under the pastorate of the “early” Suffragan Bishop John H. Pettiford. There, Suffragan Bishop Pettiford instilled in Elder Thompson the need to live a wholly, holy, sanctified life. It was under Suffragan Bishop Pettiford’s leadership that helped form Elder Thompson’s knowledge of God’s Word. It was there at House of Prayer that Elder Thompson met his wife, Lady Eliaka. They are blessed with two sons, Markee Byron and Elijah Eugene.

After Suffragan Bishop Pettiford’s passing, Elder Thompson believed that God had called him to be mentored by Bishop Terence E Coleman, DD and Prophetess Sheila Coleman. It was under Bishop and Prophetess Coleman’s leadership, love, care, and compassion that Elder Thompson learned and experience the value of the calling. His mentors taught Elder and Lady Thompson the greatest tool of ministry: prayer and fasting. They instilled in Elder and Lady Thompson a constant diet of seeking God for everything. It was under their leadership, that Elder Thompson was imparted with wisdom, understanding and fervency to do God’s will. After much prayer, fasting, and prophetic impartation, Elder Thompson accepted his calling to the Pastorate.

Elder Thompson has been mentored by many, mainly his parents, Deacon Joe and Evangelist Diana Thompson, Suffragan Bishop John H. Pettiford and First Lady Freddie A. Pettiford, Bishop Terence and Prophetess Sheila Coleman, Elder Carlton Francis, Bishop Charles H Ellis, III, Bishop Jesse Battle, Bishop Larry O Jones, Bishop Gregory Wells, Mother Barbara Jean Cole, Evangelist Morristine Hunter, and the list goes on. Each one of his “mothers and fathers” in the gospel have made him the Man of God he is today. Elder Thompson believes, “he is what he is by the Grace of God.”

The Lighthouse of Hope was born out of the need to blend all people from every walk of life into one body of believers.  It is Elder Thompson’s prayer that God would send him the broken, the tired, the weary, and the discouraged; and at the Lighthouse of Hope Church, they would find healing, life, and HOPE. Our goal is to reach the hopeless.  The Lighthouse of Hope Church is a Beacon of Hope, A Guiding Light.

In 2018, the Lighthouse of Hope Church began renovations of their new church building. The church will celebrate its first services in this 12,000 square feet edifice in 2019. God continues to show His hand of Grace on the Lighthouse of Hope Church. The new church will seat 400 worshipers in the main auditorium and nearly 200 more throughout the building. The church believes God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above, everything we dare to ask, hope, dream or desire, in area of our lives.

Lady Eliaka is very instrumental in ministry. She is a praying woman of God and is gifted to heal the hurting and minister to the broken. She is also a certified counselor, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Master’s degree in Counseling.

Gregory Wells.jpg

Bishop Gregory Wells, Sr.

O'Fallon Apostolic Assemby

Dr. Wells is the founding pastor of the O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly.  He has served in the ministry of the Apostolic Faith since 1976. For six years in various capacities at the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park, Chicago, Illinois; holding such positions as: Vice Chairman of the Youth Department and Chairman of the Drama Guild.
Dr. Wells has been involved with Word Ministry for forty-one years and has served in the pastorate for the past thirty-five consecutive years. In 1982, the Lord called Dr. Wells to the pastorate of the House of Prayer Apostolic Church in Carbondale, Illinois, wherein he served until 1987.  At such time, Dr. Wells received a mandate from the Lord to establish the O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly, where he currently serves as the Senior Pastor.

Dr. Wells has been highly profitable in the vocation whereunto he has been called.  He steadily demonstrates the authenticity of the scripture found in Proverbs 18:16, “A man’s gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men.”

Dr. Wells served for six years as the Administrative Assistant to the Honorable Bishop Alphonso Scott, Diocesan of the Twelfth Episcopal District (Pentecostal Assemblies of the World).  In 1992, Dr. Wells was elevated to the office of District Elder and in 1997, he was elevated to the office of Suffragan Bishop in the Haitian District Council.  Dr. Wells continues to hold these offices. 

Dr. Wells has preached and taught over 3,000 sermons, seminars and bible classes, to date.  He has written, directed and produced several plays, including, Are You Ready for the Rapture and The Great White Throne Judgment. Dr. Wells has hosted the Annual Visions Bible Conference since its inception in 2000, sponsored by the O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly.  Dr. Wells has also authored a book entitled Challenges in the Ministry, a book is geared to help instruct new ministers that have been called to the ministry. 

Dr. Wells is highly regarded as a prolific teacher and plenary speaker for the Midwestern District Council, the Illinois District Council and the Northwestern District Council. He is the former vice chairman for the Twelfth Episcopal District, Midwestern District Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and is the current Administrator for the Haitian District Council.  Recently, Dr. Wells, was assigned to the Fifth jurisdictional leader of the Midwestern District Council Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, and in June 2018, he will be elevated to Jurisdictional Bishop of the Fifth jurisdiction during the Lively stone consecration services.

The Lord has indeed blessed Dr. Wells to not only be firmly established in the community, but he has also been wonderfully blessed beyond measure in his personal life.  Dr. Wells is the proud husband of his high school sweetheart, Joyce Ann Wells.  Dr. and Elect Lady Wells have been married for forty-eight amazing years.  They have four children and eleven grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Notable Accomplishments and Other Recognition:

Educational Matriculation:
•             Bachelor of Science in Christian Education from Emanuel Bible College in Macon, Ga.
•             Associate Professor for the Rehoboth Bible College, St. Louis, Mo.
•             Doctor of Divinity from St. Thomas Bible College, Jacksonville, Fl.

Other Accolades:
•             Appeared in the 2004 year’s edition of “Who’s Who in America (religion)”
•             Published several articles in the Christian Outlook Magazine (the Official Publication of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.)
•             Authored Challenges in Ministry
•             Affiliated member of the United Congregations of Metro East (an organization committed to issues of social justice)

Mary Young.jpeg

Pastor Mary Young

God Inspired Apostolic Church

PASTOR MARY A. YOUNG (a.k.a. Sister Jackie), is an Ordained Evangelist with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. and the Midwestern District Council and Pastor of the God Inspired Apostolic Church located in the City of East St. Louis. She was baptized in the Name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Ghost on September 16, 1979 at the House of Prayer to all Nation’s Church under the pastorage of the late great Suffragan Bishop John H. Pettiford where she has faithfully served God and her pastor for over thirty-one years.


She accepted her call to the Ministry in 1982; obtained her ministerial license in 1984 and was ordained by the MDC on July 15, 1988. She served as the Pulpit Administrator (Assistant Pastor) to Bishop Pettiford for about eighteen years until his demise; On November 28, 2010 she was led out by God to begin and Pastor God Inspired Apostolic Church where she presently serves as the Pastor. For about 27 years under the ministry of Bishop Pettiford she served in numerous capacities; including Bishop’s Personal Secretary for about 12 years and was employed full-time as his Executive Secretary beginning in July 1994. 


Evangelist Young has also served in MDC for over 12 years holding offices such as the Corresponding Secretary to the General Secretary for about 9 years and Treasurer of the Foreign Mission’s Department for a few years and the Young People’s Assistant Secretary and is presently the Secretary of the Fifth

Jurisdiction. God has not only used her in Ministry greatly, but has blessed her to obtain numerous educational accomplishments. Pastor Young sits on the Board of Directors at the Opportunity Center in Washington Park, Illinois.


In 2013 Pastor Young started the Midwest College of Theology at GIAC and has graduated an Associates and Bachelors Class with degrees in Biblical Studies. This school is an Accredited Apostolic School. She is the Instructor and God is blessing the school in a mighty way. She is the proud mother of three children of her own, plus five more through marriage, a few grandchildren and many god-children. One of her greatest helps in the ministry was her spouse, Brother Douglass James Young. Through it all she has remained humble and faithful to God and He is not through with her yet!

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