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To increase the attendance and involvement of all MDC Bishops' Wives, Suffragran Bishops' Wives, District Elders' Wives, Pastors' Wives, Assistant Pastors' Wives, Ministers' Wives, and Widows to become active members within the auxiliary.


  1. Create an environment that encourages productivity.

  2. Rewards effort and initiative, and provides a spiritual climate in which Ministers' Wives can experience growth.

  3. Use surveys, interviews, and questionnaires to assess the needs of the Ministers' Wives of the council.

  4. Sponsor events, develop programs, and activities to meed the needs of the MDC Ministers' Wives &  Widows Auxiliary.



  1. Create a tally-poster at each council session to track participation and engagement from council to council among Ministers' Wives. 

  2. Record gift distribution and attendance prizes for each eligible Minister's Wife (get-aways, trips, etc.)

  3. List to measure how many minister's wives attend each council and/or off site events.

  4. Increased attendance by 50% within the district by the next council.



  1. I believe that with much prayer, teaching and developing at all levels of leading ladies we can accomplish this goal.

  2. We will empower each lady to ignite their God-given talents and abilities and use them for service within the council. 

  3. We have trained preachers, teachers, educators, and mentors that have a wealth of knowledge to assist in attaining our goals.



  1. Committee Establishment

  2. Training/Development Programs

  3. Needs Assessment

  4. Mentoring

  5. Fundraising Event for Auxiliary

  6. Support Parent Body


To ensure that the wives of all MDC Bishops, Suffragran Bishops, District Elders, Pastors, Assistant Pastors, Ministers, and Widows feel apart of the MDC Ministers' Wives & Widows Auxiliary.





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