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Midwestern District Council

Ministers' Wives & Widows Presidents

The International Ministers' Wives & Widows Auxiliary was just a thought in the mind of Sister Haddie Sanders, the wife of of the Late Bishop Oscar Sanders in 1942. She felt the urgency for training pastors' wives as she traveled throughout the country with her husband. On August 13, 1952 this thought was written on paper by Evangelist Emma Crossley of Buffalo, New York after further discussing with Bishop Samuel Grimes. As she discussed this with other women, they felt compelled to include not only pastors' wives but also evangelist, associate or assistant pastors' wives, and ministers' wives. By the time of the next meeting in Baltimore, Maryland (1954) seven units were formed under the leadership of Sister Lula Clemmons, the wife of District Elder Walter Clemmons of Chicago, Illinois. At this meeting officers were elected with the following:
  • President: Sister Haddie Sanders of Muncie, Indiana
  • Vice President: Sister R.P. Paddock of Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Secretary: Sister Billie Moore of Detroit, Michigan
  • Assistant Secretary: Sister Eunice Thomas of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Treasurer: Sister Oretta White of Loganport, Indiana
After this election each Diocese's was responsible for setting up their own local Ministers' Wives and Widows Auxiliary which led to the first Ministers' Wives & Widows President being elected in 1955 to the Midwestern District Council, 12th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. They elected First Lady Selena Alberta Stewart-Layne, the wife of Bishop Austin Augustus Layne of Temple Church of Christ to be the President.

1955 - 1967

First Lady Selena Layne

1991 - 1994

First Lady Phyllis Scott

2012 - 2015

First Lady Patrice Kirksey

1967 - 1981

First Lady Louvenia Scott


First Lady Myra Thompson


First Lady Helen R. Evans

1994 - 2000; 2006 - 2009

First Lady Dorretta D. Stephens

2000 - 2006

First Lady Jo Ann Nelson

2009 - 2012

First Lady Mona Bryant

2015 - Present

First Lady Crystal J. Swanigan





Section 1. The name of this Auxiliary shall be the Midwestern District Council Ministers' Wives. The Auxiliary may be referred to as the MDMW.




Section 1. The Purpose of the Auxiliary is to unite the wives into a common fellowship for support, encouragement and personal growth. This purpose shall be accomplished through programs that will educate and inspire them to the highest degree of spiritual, intellectual and social development.


This programming will further encourage them to use their God given talents and skills for the up building of God's Kingdom, to encourage them to support their husbands, love the people of God and are a light to their community.




Section 1.    The officers of this Auxiliary shall be the following:


Vice President Secretary

Assistant Secretary Treasurer

Assistant Treasurer.


Section 2. The term of office for officers shall be three (3) years. Each officer may serve two (2) consecutive terms.


Section 3.   All vacancies occurring between elections during regular terms shall be filled by appointments of the M.D.C. Chairman and/or Diocesan. Recommendations may be submitted by the Executive Board of the Auxiliary.


Section 4.    The President shall provide the direction and the oversight to the Auxiliary. The President may appoint officers other than the elected officers, as she deems necessary.


Section 5.  The Vice President shall be an assistant to the President and seek to do al l her hands and heart can do to make the President's vision a success.


Section 6. The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and maintaining the minutes and all records including a copy of treasury records, and correspondences as directed by the President. The Secretary shall present a copy of all of these records to the General Secretary of the Council. The Outgoing Secretary shall present a copy of all records to the incoming President at the beginning of a term of office.


Section 7. The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary and send correspondence under the direction of the Secretary.


Section 8.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for counting, recording and dispensing income. The Treasurer shall maintain good records and report the same to the Auxiliary President and Secretary.


Section 9. The Assistant Treasurer shall assist in all of the responsibilities of the Treasurer.




Section l. Meeting times for this Auxiliary are during the Midwestern District Council sessions and are set by the Midwestern District Council.


Section 2. The locations of meetings shall be determined by the General Council.




Section 1.  The MDMW may send a delegate each year to the International Ministers' Wives Annual Convention of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. with expenses financed by the auxiliary based upon the strength of the treasury. The expenses may include transportation, housing, meals, offering and other expenses necessary to attend the meeting.


Section 2. The President of the MDMW shall be the delegate representing the auxiliary at all International meetings, seminars, etc. The Vice President shall be the alternate delegate in the event the President i s unable to attend.


Sect ion 3. Dues for the members of this auxiliary are set at $36 per year (about 10 cent per day) i n addition to registration with the General Council and the Auxiliary during Council sessions.


Section 4. Inasmuch as events, cost of living, etc. affect our ability to serve our membership, our council and our national body, dues arc subject to change as approved by two-thirds majority vote and approval of the General Council.

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